While considering the fact that one of the parties in RFA No.258418 of 2018 was a foreign company (M/s. Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology) and realizing that commercial disputes of foreign companies be decided without delay, the Hon’ble Justice Shahid Waheed of Lahore High Court decided above case within one day and remanded the matter. Consequently, now the Commercial Court at Lahore would examine the validity and applicability of jurisdiction clause in the agreement in the light relevant law and interpretation made in different cases. The Hon’ble High Court directed the learned Commercial (Trial) Court to decide the application under Order VII Rule 10 CPC within a period of one month.
It is highly appreciable that after setting up of Commercial Courts the Hon’ble High Court and the learned Commercial Courts as well are adjudicating the commercial cases in an expeditious manner. It will definitely help to build more confidence of investors towards Pakistani Judicial system.
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