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Faisalabad contributes about 40% of Exports of Pakistan but there was no Export Processing Zone(EPZ) established in Faisalabad. FIEDMC has taken initiative to give impetus to this export oriented industry and attract investment in M-3IC entered into dialogue with Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA). FIEDMC & EPZA with joint collaboration is going to establish EPZ at M-3IC under the name of FIEDMC EPZ at M-3IC. MOU for the said purpose signed b/w FIEDMC & EPZA on 21-Feb-2013 and 200 acres earmarked at M-3IC. Export Processing Zone (EPZ) incentives involves Tax holiday, reduced custom duty on Import of raw materials, PME and on site Custom Clearance and Processing of Rebates etc.

VAC & M-3IC as SEZ's

National Assembly of Pakistan approved the SEZ Bill 2012 on 13th July, 2012. The bill took more than three years for its processing as it involved large consultative process with the provinces and other stakeholders. The incentive package was approved in 2008 by the ECC but it remained under discussion. The Cabinet accorded approval in principle for initiation of legislation in 2010. The Council of Common Interests (CCI) also considered this bill due to introduction of 18th amendment. After hectic efforts, CCI approved the bill in August, 2011. The bill has further undergone the microscopic examination by the Standing Committee on Law, Justice, Human Rights & Parliamentary Affairs. The Upper House (Senate) approved this bill in January, 2012 and National Assembly accorded its approval on 13th July, 2012.

The law of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has been made to meet the global challenges of competitiveness to attract FDI. The Law/bill will allow to create industrial cluster with liberal incentives, infrastructure, investor facilitation services to enhance productivity and reduce cost of doing business for economic development and poverty reduction. The Law further envisages to reduce processes through SEZ in Pakistan. The establishment of SEZ's will attract both domestic as well as international investors. The SEZ would play a pivotal role in the economic development of Pakistan as has been witnessed in case of China, Malaysia, Thailand and other states.

FIEDMC is the first organization who has filed for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status for its projects. The major incentives of SEZ are

  • 10 Years tax holiday
  • Duty Free Import of PME, etc.

There is no limit to the economic potential of Pakistan. The challenge is to create the enabling environment in which this can be realized. Special Economic zones bill is a step towards the economic stability in the country.

Halal Industrial Zone

FiEDMC has launched Pakistan's first Halal Industrial Park inside M-3 Industrial City. Halal industry is a fast emerging business in the world, attracting both Muslims and non Muslims, especially non Muslims due to realizing the importance of Halal food. As expert have opined that they are safer, hygienic, nutritious, having high quality and reliability.Halal food is consumed not only by 1.5 billion Muslims around the world, but also by at least 500 million non-Muslims, which shows that there is a big scope to enter in the halal food industry, to tap the world market.

Food & Vegetable Zone

Pakistan has an agro-based economy that is heavily dependent on the natural abundance of its agricultural products.The government has recognized the importance of agriculture to the economy and has taken several initiatives to further enhance the productivity of this sector. The continuous upgrading of the production facilities and technology through import of agricultural machinery and food equipment has allowed the food vegetable sector to meet the growing demand of the domestic and international market.

Halal Cosmetics Zone

Entrepreneurs producing halal cosmetics now have a booming global demand as more Muslims opt for beauty products that conform to Islamic rules. Pakistan is emerging as a leading halal cosmetics manufacturing market across the world by meeting the international standards of Halal-HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ). M-3 Industrial City provides adequate infrastructure in this up and coming sector of the global market.

Beverages & Dairy Products Zone

Pakistan is one of the largest milk producers of the world, and with the advancement of technology and infrastructure, producers are beginning to capitalize on the potential of this market, With increasing production in the beverages sector, M-3 Industrial City provides its investors the platform to make the most out of their investment.

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